Director: My Motivation?

Art Arouses Curiosity


Dr. Isabella Woldt, Director 


I am an art historian with a doctorate in the history of art and graduation in philosophy, both from the University of Hamburg. Erwin Panofsky's iconography and Aby Warburg's iconology as methods for art's analyzing dominated my focus of study. This means that I consider an artwork's cultural environment to be a crucial point of its function. I have learned to see and judge, to critically question and differentiate. My training in the museum, art gallery, and art sales fields, as well as my many years of professional experience in the academic world as a research associate, fellow, publisher, author, lecturer, and project manager has taught me to focus on art objects and buildings as whole works, as well as on the smallest details. The line, the shadow, the brushstroke, the coarseness, the lack of contour ... curiosity about the thought processes involved in consideration of art and art production led me to questions about the biological basis of our creativity. A training seminar at the medical faculty of the University of Hamburg, as well as numerous discussions with colleagues from the neurosciences, enhanced my interest in the subject. I see art objects as expressions and results of our thoughts and emotions, and the role of physiology cannot be discounted-questions of abstraction are questions of the senses.


2001 Doctorate in Art History at the University of Hamburg (mcl)

2001-2004 Visiting and assistant professor at the Institute for Art History, A. Mickiewicz University, Poznan 

2005-2006 Fellow of the Aby Warburg Foundation, co-editor of Aby Warburg's Collected Writings; teaching fellow   at the Institute for Art History and Institute for Philosophy in Hamburg

2006-2007 Project leader "In the Shadow of Berlin and Warsaw" on Central and East-European aristocratic estates, in collaboration with Prof. T. Zuchowski (A. Mickiewicz University, Poznan); associate lecturer University of Hamburg; co-editor "Aby Warburg Collected Works". 

2007-2014 Research fellow,, associate lecturer at the Institute for Art History in Hamburg; researcher and author of the monograph on Aby Warburg's theory of image memory; researcher and leader in the project on aristocratic estates and residencies in Central and Eastern Europe; fellow of the German Forum for Art History, Paris; fellow of the Italian Academy, Columbia University, New York City; winner of the Aby Warburg Award for young scholars of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg) 

2014-2018 Research fellow of the international research group "Bilderfahrzeuge. Aby Warburg's Legacy and the Future of Iconology" at the Warburg Institute, London, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Berlin, delegated by the University of Hamburg); head of the research project on tapestries (Early-Renaissance to present); co-curator of the exhibition "Metadata. How we relate to images ", Lethaby Gallery, London

Since July 2018 acting as an independent art historian, art consultant and artist agent, gallerist.

November 2018 founder and Director of the Company Dr. Woldt Art Consulting Ltd., based in London.

6 March 2019, opening of the online platform for WOLDT GALLERY. Founding of an art gallery for modern and contemporary art, based in London. 

September 2020-November 2022 Acting Chair Professor for Art Theory and Artistic Practice at the MSH Medical School Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences and Medical University, Faculty of Art, Health and Social Science.

Since November 2022 appointed Chair Professor for Art Theory and Artistic Practice (Focus on Ethics) at the MSH Medical School Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences and Medical University. 

June 2022 expansion and opening WOLDT London & Hamburg exhibition and sales space in Hamburg on Jungfernstieg 26-28, Hamburger Hof Passage. /Business development by Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft./