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Art Psychological Approaches


As part of the open campus day MSH Medical School Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences and Medical University, I will give a lecture on the possibility of reconnecting art studies with psychology following the writings and works of Paul Klee (1879-1940).

Saturday, 17. June 2023

13.15-13.45 pm, MSH Hamburg, Am Kaiserkai 1, 20457 Hamburg, R.6.19



Goshka Macuga's Tapestries

28 April 2022

as a part of the conference

"Weaving Cultural and Personal Memory"

at the

Murray Edwards College

Buckingham House Lecture Theater

University of Cambridge, UK

Academic symposium on personal and collective storytelling through textiles.
Speakers will present their papers on a range of topics and the event will culminate with presentations from two keynote speakers. The symposium is timed to coincide with the exhibition, What Lies Beneath: Women, Politics, Textiles.
The intersection between cultural and personal memory underpins textile art produced by women. Conventionally associated with the domestic, and therefore traditionally excluded from the realm of fine art, textile art is invested with an individual resonance while also carrying a wider cultural and social significance.

Contributors will present papers which discuss a range of cultures and periods, addressing topics such as personal and collective storytelling through textiles, textile art as political protest, the therapeutic potential of textiles and textile art as a means of memorialisation.

Magdalena Abakanowicz, Abakans

Textile Bodies - Textile Art

17. March 2022, 5.30-6.30pm (CET)

virtual public talk

MSH Medical School Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and Medical University,

Faculty Art, Health and Social Science

In my position as an acting chair professor for art theory and artistic practice at the Medical School Hamburg I am giving a public lecture, which referes to my current research interests. The lecture deals with the peculiarities of the textile arts due to the haptics and the nature of the material. It is about wanting to touch and the necessity of wanting to feel resulting from this haptic relationship. People are referring to the body experience, because in most modern cultures the textile is a medium that directly covers and touches the body. Textiles thus gain a special position in the field of artistic production when it comes to exploring our relationship to our body and our natural environment. If one wants to speak of the aesthetic of art here, then it is anchored in the sensation and the reflection on this sensation and emotion, and how it is generated from the memory and awareness of the physical and the physical in the textile. Works by the Polish born artist Magdalena Abakanowicz, among others, will be discussed.

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