About me

Mainly I do 

Research and Teaching in Theory and History of Art, Aesthetics, and Ethics. 

Research, writing and teaching in higher education in art theory, aesthetics, art history, art philosophy, architecture, art psychology and ethics.



I also develop

WOLDT London

Art Gallery

Founded in 2019 my Art Gallery is represeting international artists in curating, advice and sales. 


I love to create, and that is way

Art Projects

WOLDT concept

Artistic practice as an inspiration and energizer.

At one point in my life I started to realise my artistic concepts.

The idea? To explore the power of creativity and how art influences perception and cognition.. 

Art Projects

And a very special agent

Dr. Woldt Realty

Brokerage Premium Property Investment in London 

From 2018 I came to the real estate industry through working with Engel & Völkers, London Office and other offices.

The idea? To explain that the architecture is part of artistic creation and therefore it has impact on lifes and businesses. It is not just a block of stone, the shape must suits you.