presented by WOLDT London, Art Gallery

Zelene Jiang Schlosberg, MeiMei/Marta Corada, Judith Mullen, Nathalie Rey, Russell Jakubowski, and Sebastian Dannenberg


5 – 11 November 2021

opening times
11am – 5pm 

find us in

Dora House
The Royal Society of Sculptors
108 Old Brompton Road 
London SW7 3RA
South Kensington, UK

The exhibition presents works by six gallery artists. These are works that were partly present in virtual exhibitions about the pandemic period. Now there is the first opportunity to view this work in a physical room.

Alignment is a way of motivating yourself repeatedly.

We all have goals and plans and are always on the way to realising them. We take positions. It is this positioning that directs also the artists; this is about the presentation of at least one aspect of several orientations in the artists' practices. The Exhibition will present the gallery's artists points of view through their individual, inner reflections about the world:

Marta's - MeiMei's illusory notion of the surreal world is codified in her fantastic, grotesque sculptures and in unexpected moments kept in her photomontages; - Russell constantly searches for words and sounds by exploring the material when he produces his sculptures and two dimensional artworks, which informs his figurations; - Nathalie's inner worlds of emotion (determined by infantile experiences) are represented by stuffed animals and paintings; - Zelene's fibre art expresses the everlasting attempt to bind and connect things together: things which seemingly always threaten to fall apart; — and Judith Mullen reflects on the walk that she continues to make every morning as a ritual looking for the special natural aesthetics in trees, which catch her perception.

Sebastian Dannenberg presents during the exhibition two artworks. These two painted metallworks suppose to extend the space by contouring theree dimensional objects and structuralising their surface with visible brush stroke in his paint. 

The context of this exhibition emerged in the year of the gallery's founding, 2019. In particular, the pandemic, which made traditional physical spaces inaccessible for a long time, also slowed down the gallery's activities. I am pleased that the Royal Society of Sculptors enables me to use the gallery space in their Dora House in South Kensington for exhibition display purpose. 

Please register via or just pop into the exhibiton during the opening times. 

We very much look forward to seeing you!

Photo, MeiMei